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How to get a free domain name

 You can get a top level domain free !! you may seem that unbelievable.. But its true now i am going to share how can you get free domain names. one more thing you should share this awesome unbelievable offer to your friend. More you share you can own more free domain name totally free.

It is very simple way to get a free .com, .net, .org , .biz, .info , .us so why waiting to own your desire free domain name

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After registration you will get 10 points free. But to get your desire domain you need to have more 40 points. and points earning is easy .

1. You can attend their survey & earn points 

2. You can refer your friends & earn point.. ( You will be given a Referral link ) share the link with your friends & others every success join you will get 2 points .. By this way you can just refer 20 account & claim your desire domain.. its a easy way to get a free domain name.
 I hope it help you to start your site .. 

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