Design your Blog spot Blog by adding logo on Older Post, Newer Post & Home nevigation link

To day i am going to share a awesome useful tips> By this tips you can decorate your blog easily.
actually when we read a blog post there will be 3 link "Newer Post, Older Post, Home" And generally it shown as link on default setting. If you think to change these & want to show awesome then you can easily do it by my below instruction. i have already using to Freelancing and make money blogging blog. Ok to change follow my instruction

Lets go to get this :

Step 1  :First log in to your blogger account and go to your site dashboard

Step 2 : Click on template then edit template html button

Step 3 : then search "ctrl+F" below code & paste this code

core 1 :     <img
s1600/w2b_next.png' style='border: 0 none;vertical-align: middle;/>

code 2 : <img src='
cjzpZkRMtM0/s1600/w2b_prev.png' style='border: 0 none;vertical-align: middle;/>

Now search : data:homeMsg/>   & replace this code : <img src='
R_0wxEBGVuM/s1600/w2b_home.png' style='border: 0 none;vertical-align: middle;/>

Now save your template. And go to your blog See the change ...

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