How to find relevant site for back linking

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We know that after search engine algorithm update search engine ranking is not so easy. An search engine require quality work so To build back link you should carefull if you build non relevant site that would not benefited your site to get ranking But if you build few but relevant backlink that would be so much beneficial for your site search ranking. By question how to find relevant site to create backlink  . So to day i am going to share some awesome search rule by using these rule you can find your desire niche , keyword related site

How to find relevant site for back linking
Let think our keyword is : ‍"SEO"   Then the search formula will be :

For Blog Commenting :
  1. “SEO” inurl:blog “post a comment”
  2. “SEO” inurl:blog “post a comment”
  3. “SEO” “This blog uses premium CommentLuv”
  4. “SEO” “Notify me of follow-up comments?”
  5. “SEO” “add to this list”
For Guest Blogging :
  1. “SEO” guest writer
  2. “SEO” guest blog post writer
  3. “SEO” submit content
  4. “SEO” submit article
  5. “SEO” submit post
  6. “SEO” submit blog post
  7. “SEO” add article
  8. “SEO” add blog post
  9. “SEO” add content
  10. “SEO” guest blogger wanted
For Directory Submission
  1. “SEO” directory
  2. “SEO” * directory
  3. SEO * “aquarium”
  4. intitle:directory “SEO”
  5. inurl:directory “SEO”
  6. “list of “SEO” sites”
  7. “list * “SEO” sites”
  8. “list * “SEO” * sites”
  9. “recommended links” “SEO”
  10. “recommended sites” SEO”
  11. “favorite links” SEO”
  12. “favorite sites” SEO”
 For Forum Posting :
  1. “SEO” forum
  2. “SEO forum”
  3. intitle:” SEO” forum
  4. inurl:” SEO” forum

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