people per hour "pph" review the place for freelance jobs

Searching freelance job to work from home ? Or need to done your task remotely by remote expats then people per hour should be your 1st choice.


Why people per hour 

Among the lot of freelancing marketplace its a unique and so much user friendly for its user (Job provider & freelancer ) both .. here you can sign up as a worker and job provider. some other reason lets have alook

  1. Two minutes to sign up 
  2. Easy payment processing
  3. Payment secure for freelancer
  4. Easy to get expert freelancer to done job
  5. Awesome support center 
  6. Feature system to optimize job or service 

How to start  with pph

If you are skilled in various freelance skill such as web design and development , Video animation, Graphic design , Admin support , online marketing , Article writing ,Software Development and many other task the peopleperhour is a perfect platform to get home job easily .. whatever beside describe all about pph i am going to share some secret tips about pph to get job quickly lets start .. before start you need to ensure the payment system here you can withdraw money by different payment processor but personally i preffer skrill to withdraw my earnings. lets describe --

Why skrill

  1.  Very easy to Sign up ( I recommend ) 
  2. World wide service 
  3. You can withdraw money by your own country bank account
  4. lowest fee than other payment processor 
Then click here to sign up on people per hour and complete your profile . Note that uncomplete profile is not approve by peopleperhoure admin because this marketplace is the place for accurate skill people .. in portfolio section you need to add your previous work example as portfolio as many portfolio you will add the the probability of your seller account approve will increase . after approve your seller account the common question in our mind : how do i make money / get sell on People Per Hour ? Here are some tips you can follow to get quick success on pph

1. Post Hourlie :

Here hourle mean a service package you offer to your probable client/buyer . you can get a button right top "Post hourlie"
Here you need to set Service title with desire price , need to add full service description which include:
  1. About the hourlie
  2. what will your buyer get 
Then on another box you need to write about the requirement to start / complete the service .
The main benefit of hourlie is you do not need to apply .. buyer will buy your service to done .

2. Optimize your profile : 

To optimize your profile of peopleperhour first join the largest peopleperhoure facebook help group

Ok lets describe how to optimize via this group . in pph any other member (buyer or seller) can star your profile you must need to rank your profile . there you can find lot of member who serching star so star them and get star back that's a exchange system .

as you get your profile star by same way you collect your hourlie star to rank your hourlie .

another ranking is CERT Level of your profile see the screenshot
peopleperhoure rank
To increase this CTRT level and get a awesome profile Prominent badge ( Top endorse ) on your profile . So to get endorse share your endorse link on group and nearest one to endorse you to increase your level on pph . you will find your endorse link on top right corner Sell > Promote yourself .

3. Bid early with a good rate :

As here are few and skilled freelance and post thousands of jobs so possible to bid early with awesome cover letter with your previous relevant work i think you will get job quickly as like me ..

At last try to satisfy 100% each and every of your client and request them to endorse you .

work at home good luck
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