Best and 100% free plagiarism checker tools for content writer and developer

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Free plagiarism checker tools

 HI how are you all ? Do you know, what is the  the main point of Google plenty. That is duplicate content . so as a content writer or developer or web site owner you must check your content before publish your content on your website. So today I introduce so me 100% free plagiarism checker  tools and website with you. By this site you can easily check your client or your own website content. And its most impotent for your blogging too.

1.Small SEO Tools – Plagiarism Checker : 

 Its a most popular and 100% free online plagiarism checker site.Lot of content developer are suggesting this free tool to check free of your written content. Due to its easy check option it being popular quickly. Just go to this site there you found a content pestling box . You can check 1500 words max each time. Then "Check Unique" . and you will get your result how % your content is unique :-)


 2. The Plagiarism Checker :

By this site You can check your sentence one by one . Just copy & paste your written content the box then “check the paper” . Beside that you can check your article by your doc. file. It support big content so without any hesitation you can check your content. : 

This site recognize for some awesome feature for plagiarism checking . It is so much popular to blogger for its awesome feature and services. To use its tool for plagiarism checking first go to this site  then you see a search box then there you pust your article title or some part of your article and search . then you will see who copy your content where it posted :-P . The most importent feature of this site is you can create Google alert about your content. Then if any one copy your content & publish anywhere google will email you then you can get action about that post.

4) Dupli Checker : 

When you open this site there you see that million of visitor are using this site to check plagiarism. Its easy to use . each time you can check 2000 words max . Beside that you can check by uploding .doc, .Docx and .txt  file

5) Article Checker : 

When you visit first time this site , you may not understand anything about this site and how it works.
But if you check the image below you will find some awesome feature . by that feature give you the opportunity to find out site & search by google & yahoo.

6) Plagiarism Checker : 

At the end of this article, we are going to share final & most popular free online plagiarism detector . as it mention in last but it consider as so trustful plagiarism checker too to online marketer & webmaster owner. Actually for its user friendly feature it become a top rated tool to content developer. Here there is 2 option to check 1st copy and paste your article and upload your article file . each time you can check 1500 words article by this site.

Whatever as a web site owner or freelancer every time before publish your content must check is the content.Is free from plagiarism checker or copy-right . hope all of these plagiarism checker free online tool help you most.

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