How to Get wordpress anti spam plugins ( akismet ) api key free & say spam "Good bye"

Tips for spam protection wordpress 

Lot of new blogger who started their blog by WordPress are finding spam protection tool , plugin to stay away from spammer . Its a so easy , there is some awesome wordpress plugin help you to protect spam wordpress. Maximum spam protection plugin are premium type so you need to purchase them to use. But here i am sharing a awesome tips how to get free Akismet API key in WordPress.

Summery of wordpress  Akismet spam protector plugin :

Akismet is world renowned & popular spam protector plugin for wordpress blog. If you search online you may find some of others plugin for spam protection wordpress. But millions ofblog owner are using Akismet for its awesome spam protecting feature.Akismet spam protector Algorithm developed by Automatic INC.


Feature of Akismet spam protector plugin:

Actually  90% + of bolg comment are spam. sometimes it spam attack will be too much & to delete these spam will will need lot of time . some time when you will be busy & if you do not delete spam comment that may effect your site ranking on search engine. But Akismet plugin automatically
detect spam & delete them.. so freelancing support highly recommended you to use Akismet Plugin.

Lets see how to get a free Akismet Plugin API key...........

How to Get Free Akismet API Key for WordPress blog :

To get free api key of wordpress anti spam plugins  "Akismet" follow some instruction :
First log in your WordPress blog dashboard then go plugin search "Akismet"
 & install Akismet plugin then you neeed to API key to full active Akismet plugin . Now follow my instruction to get free API key to active Akismet plugin.

Visit Official Akismet Registration Page  And sign up there Or  if you have existing account the you can log in via your existing account. 

Then choice your plan Click personal plan & drag your pointer left and then you see -00$ & press continue & get your free API key 

After press continue a new tab will open & you will get your API key :-) :

Then again go your wordpress site/blog dashboard then go akismet option Enter your API key and click on "Update Option" button. Then you will see your  akismet plugin is full active..

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