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Free seo analysis tool for online marketer :

Hallow freelancers how are you all. As a online marketer every time you need to analysis your site of your buyer site . If you try to do it manually then you need to spent lot of time beside you need to know tecnique. But today i am going to share 10 free seo analysis tool by these tool you can know easily a web site present situation.

Information get by free seo analysis tools:

If you know the actual situation about your site of your competitor then you can make your SEO strategy easily . lets see at a glance which type of information you can get if you use these free seo tools.

  • Basic SEO report
  • Domain authority
  • Page authority
  • Backlinks
  • Traffic analysis
  • Title analysis
  • Keywords analysis
  • Meta tags analysis
  • Site Page Rank
  • Site speed analysis 
  • Server analysis detail
  • Security analysis 
 So hope you agree with me that these free seo tools are so necessary for every freelance web marketer or webmaster owner to analysis & make seo strategy.
free seo tools

Lets explore the 10 free seo analysis tool:

 #1-WooRank :

woorank free seo toolWhen you put your desire web site url to analysis then within a short time it will show your site audit report in detail as :
  • Visitors :
    1. Traffic Estimations 
    2.  Traffic Rank
  •  Your site social popularity 
  •  Site performance on mobile , Tab 
  • SEO detail report ( onpage , off page ) all
  • Technology ( used in detail )

 Whatever its a awesome tool i just tell you the summery of this tool.

#2-Hubspot's Marketing Grader :

Its a aonther popular free seo analysis tool that you can use to audit your desire site . It is better that get practical experience of our provided free seo tools
Hubspot's free seo tool

#3- Traffic Trail:

It's called itself all in one seo website analysis tool.. really it also works awesome it analysis with google & others search engine & show the traffic of your site .
site trail free seo tool


Its a free seo software it will analysis your site & suggest you what will need to improve your site search engine ranking to get organic visitor.

#5-SEO Workers:

Now a days google rank 60-70% + base on on page seo . if your site on page are not ready the if you try hard you will not capable to get search engine ranking. whatever SEO workers free seo tool help you to analysis your site onpage & suggest you what is ok & what you need to do.
seo workers free seo tool

#6-Lipperhey :

this seo tool analysis your site on search with your competitor then report you about your site keywords ,  your seo progress , your competitor , and your seo to do list( onpage , off page ) both to improve your site ranking.
Lipperhey free seo tool


It analysis site with search engine , social media & algorithm  and give you the total report with their own "Spyder Score"

#8-Up city Free SEO Card :

Up city free seo tool card analysis your site with search engine performance & report you all aboyt your site performance onpage , backlink , search engine ranking & suggest you in detail.
Up city free seo tool

#9-Seoptimer  :

Simply it review your website & report you awesome all about your site seo performance.

#10-Web Gnomes free seo tool :

its a another professional seo free tool thats help you professionally to analysis a site fully . so you can try it also.
web gnomes free seo tool
So who are working on online marketing these free seo tools help you lot to analysis your own web site & your competitor web site thats why you can make proper SEO working strategy and according to that you can overcome your competitor easily. Because beside your professional work you need to monitor what your competitor doing , from where your competitor getting their site backlink. so try these awesome free tools & 1 step ahead from your competitor. Good luck.. If you have any question comment here i will solve your question as soon as possible.

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