Make money freelancing By easy internet research jobs

As a new freelancer if you have minimum internet browsing experience then you can easily make money on freelancing marketplace ( odesk , elance , freelancer ) and more.Internet research jobs are so easy and the demand of research jobs on freelancing marketplace is so high. By your internet basic knowledge any of you can do this type of task easily & start your freelancing career easily.

Requirements to do Internet research jobs:

  • Know internet browsing
  • Google searching
  • Use social media ( facebook , twitter e.t.c)
  • Know MS office ( Ms word , Ms excel )
Are astonished !! you may ask me how much earn by this type of task if you do.Not bad, it depends on your task . My friend Sabbir Kazi are doing well on web research job on different marketplace. per week he is earning on average 80$+. 
internet research jobs

Internet research jobs in detail :

Actually to to get actual market information , competitor analysis and many other reason , to collect information from web, need Internet research. Generally in Internet research job requirements are : A particular area probable consumer information as : website address , organizations name , phone no , business location address,social media page ( facebook , twitter) email address e.t.c. Those who want to earn by affiliate marketing so for web research is so impotent to collect specific customer email. And use these email for email marketing to get direct traffic. 

Lets see the process how to do Internet research job :

Generally buy give you his/her requirement as : specific area , specific business . By the requirement of buyer you need to find out the requirement. For example My first job was to find out the email address who trade on Forex . for 100 email my buyer paid me 10$ i was provide him first time 1000 email in a week & get 100$ beside he gave me bonus 10$ too.

That job description was :  

I a finding a hard worker freelancer who can honestly work for me to get some specific person email address . detail will talk with interview.

My cover Letter was :
Hello sir,
As i am new in odesk but i am so much professional to my any assign task. i am honest responsible & hardworking person. I have done many jobs like this and my employers praised me highly which you can see in my profile.
If you have any query let me know. I am ready to talk with you.


Beside that you can you may follow your own words . To help you there is many cover letter sample :

odesk Cover Letter Sample part-1

odesk Cover Letter Sample part-2

odesk Cover Letter Sample part-3

Whatever may be i was lucky my buyer call me an interview & i awarded that job.

Another internet research jobs experience :

My buyer requires 3 category business organizations information of Australia.
  • Fashion/ cloth 
  • Cafe
  • Restaurant 
his required information :
  1. business organizations name & address
  2. their facebook page url
  3. Like ammount
  4. Rating ( if any )
To collect such type of information  we can get easily by 2 web site 1. and Today i will show you how can you get these information by First see the below image.
internet research jobs

Screen shot Mark 1 :In this section type your specific Product. for work i mention "Clothing"
Screen shot Mark 2 : Here you write your location according to buyer desire location. as for my work there i write Australia's different city.
Screen shot Mark 3 : According to the search i got some business information . By this way continue your search And save your collected information to excel file. Some times you may not find the company website then what will you do ? easy solution : search on google by the comany name . And if you search with company address then you will get more specific website as you are finding. example : comeback kid, Melbourne, Australia.
Buyer abother requirement was Facebook page : Now a days you see that maximum
company have a facebook fan page & then mention it on their site. If if you not find there then search on facebook by the company name then you can get easily their facebook page .

By this way you can easily complete this type of internet research job. Hope new freelancers will start bidding on web research job after read this practical article. If you have any question comment here i will try answer as soon as possible .

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