Making money online by free file sharing

Every time we sharing file , image , video , software & many more types of file. If there is any option to make money by sharing your file ? how do you feel about that obviously great isn't it ? To day i am going to share a free file hosting site where you can host up to 250 GB. And if any one download your shared file your balance will be increase. So why you are waiting start file hosting & share to your friends. & start journey for making money online by file hosting.

Ok now no more late lets start to see what is the process to make money by  file hosting :

2. After sign up upload your file by clicking "Up Load button"
3. Share your file link to your site , social media , & friends.
4. Increase your download then increase your balance.
5. Not only make money by file host buy also make money by affiliate of this site.

Lets see how to add your bank account :

## Log in your account & click to "My account"

Then chose your payment option :
*Perfect Money 
*Wire Transfer
*Amazon Gift Card

Provide your payment email And save setting.

When & how can you get paid :

## Minimum payout is 10$
## You will be get paid by weekly ( monthly 2 times )

Tips for increasing income by free file sharing :

## You should choice people interest topic file 
## Example : Movie , Games , Software , software crack file , Music , pdf Book , Pet video & others 
## You can stat free blog on these topic ( you have choice ) as people intensest.
## SEO your blog & get traffic ( they will download & increase your wallet $$ ) 

I hope it help you to make money online .. share this post to your friends .. And if you have any question let me know by comment. I will response as soon as possible.

Mizanur Rahman Mishu

Some say he’s half man half fish, others say he’s more of a seventy/thirty split. Either way he’s a fishy bastard.

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