Best 20 site for learning wordpress and custom wordpress design

As a blogger , freelancer we know about WordPress CMS. Present world WordPress is the most popular using CMS . Most of the blogger 1st choice is WordPress. Actually WordPress first mission was give flexible experience to blogger. As it has flexible modification facilities now a days lot of blogger , business , education & many others site are using wordpress. Web statistics says that now 40% of total website build by wordpress & its popularity is increasing day by day.Beside in Freelancing marketplace posted web design job category major is "wordpress". as it is not difficult to learn custom wordpress theme design.  But also lot of blogger do not know major customization of wordpress so that's why many on webmaster owner want to learn custom wordpress design. 

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Over the internet there is lot of site teaching you & provide tutorial for creating a website by wordpress. But today i am going to share 20 awesome teturial site for learning wordpress. There you will get A to Z  wordpress tutorials. Try these site step by step and to be a wordpress expart designer. If you like this post & resource don't for get to share with your friends.

custom wordpress design learning site resource list : 



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