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Searching freelance job to work from home ? Or need to done your task remotely by remote expats then people per hour should be your 1st choice.


Why people per hour 

Among the lot of freelancing marketplace its a unique and so much user friendly for its user (Job provider & freelancer ) both .. here you can sign up as a worker and job provider. some other reason lets have alook

  1. Two minutes to sign up 
  2. Easy payment processing
  3. Payment secure for freelancer
  4. Easy to get expert freelancer to done job
  5. Awesome support center 
  6. Feature system to optimize job or service 

Easy and Trusted Online Data Entry Job ( Captcha Typing ) 100% payment

Captcha Typing is the most easy and trusted online data entry job  for those people who are  seeking for home based easy and comfortable typing jobs. I am here to write that easy and 100% guaranteed payment work, Captcha typing; with different servers and their working procedure. Also I am going to provide some secret Software to use, for typing Captcha fast and without any risk of getting banned from the server.
Now, For Whom Captcha Typing is most suitable???
This post is for those people, who are in badly need of money but don’t have any special skills.
Or some others, who are newbie to freelancing marketplace and enhancing their skills day by day but ultimately need some extra money to keep pace with the expense.
  Or for the students who can easily give 2-3 hours and fulfill the daily expense himself not burdening his/her family.
Both Men and Women, Boys and Girls can work. No limitation to work and Workers.
What do you need for Captcha Typing Job???
Nothing special requirements needed. Just Basic needs are totally ok. The list includes:
v A working Computer of your own.
v An stable internet Connection. ( Speed and amount of bandwidth is not any serious factor)
v Daily at least 2-3 hours ( Anytime in 24 hours. Best time is night time).
v Good Typing speed . ( At least 35 WPM (Word per minute). If less, no problem. It will increase gradually )
v Patience is a must need. If you are not patient, you just can’t do Captcha typing.
Why Should You Do Captcha Typing Job??
No special Skills Required. (only Good typing skill which is a basic)
No need of so strong and big internet connection (still works perfectly on slow connections)
Lots of people who need a part time job for extra income after their daily deeds. Captcha Typing is perfect.
No Limitation of works. 24 Hours Available. How much you do, depends totally on you.
No Bidding or competition for getting the job.
Payment is secured and Almost Daily payment ( some pays weekly).
How much you can Earn Doing Captcha Typing???
This really depends on your typing speed and your accuracy of the work. Amongst all the  Easy and Trusted Online Data Entry Jobs , Captcha Typing is the easiest. But still if you do spamming, or too much wrong answer, then your id will be warned and if continues to spam or wrong answers, it will finally be banned. Now, I am giving my own Example: My typing speed is 53 WPM (Word Per minute ) and accuracy over 95%. If I spend 3 hours a day, minimum income will be $70-$100 monthly ( totally depends on your typing speed, nothing else) . Now Calculate yours and decide how much time you want to spend and how much to income.
Any Proof of cash out / Payment receiving ???
Yes, Obviously. Here are the payment proof of a single worker and my team admin account. You can see all the details here.

There are several Servers for Captcha Typing. All most all are trusted and pay regularly. But the fact that makes the difference is Captcha coming speed. Some servers are super fast for 24 hours and some are really slow. And also, those slow servers pay greater value than the speedy server. But it is a job of reaching 1000 successful entry, so as fast as you can enter 1000 entry correctly, you will get paid. So, I prefer Fast Servers like ,,, etc.

If you are interested for this full free extra income, never hesitate. Just contact me (Contact Address Given Below). I have Admin of several different servers and also paid software where you will get better performance. All software I will provide fully free of cost.
If you have any Questions or need any help, feel free to Contact with me.
Contact Info:
                  FB Group:

Latest all odesk test answers

Hallow Freelancer ..Today i am sharing 100% correct all odesk test answers as we start with 25+ odesk test answers but stay with us we update regularly to help you ... Most of odesk test answers are tested .. so you can trust on ..  to complete yout profile the major part and step is take test on odesk it show you how much qualified you are .. the tested results sample look at  below

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Hallow  Freelancers how is going .. are you ready for new test of odesk and elance ? To day we are going to share oDesk MS word 2010 test Answers . I got top 10% position by this test answers . Hope you also get so close result as me . If you no do well so then try it again .

oDesk MS word 2010 test Answers

Question #1

In the given screenshot, the contents of the 'Name of User' column have been oriented at an angle. How is this done?  
    a. By using the 'Orientation' button in the alignment group of the 'Home' tab.
    b. By using the 'Orientation' button on the 'Page Layout' tab.
    c. By using the 'WordArt' button on the 'Insert' tab.
Answer is (A). By using the 'Orientation' button in the alignment group of the “Home” tab.

Question #2
State whether the following is true or false:
Excel Web App supports Undo/Redo but it is disabled when multiple users are collaborating on the same workbook  
    a. True
    b. False
Answer is (B). False

Question #3
In the above given screenshot

of a Microsoft Excel 2010 Worksheet, there are two columns B and D containing some integer data.
Considering that cell D9 is assigned the formula: =SUM(D3:D7), which of the following statements is true?  
    a. The value of cell D9 will be 24
    b. The value of cell D9 will be 42
    c. The value of cell D9 will be #VALUE!
Answer is (B). “The value of cell D9 will be 42”

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Free plagiarism checker tools

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